BOLT STAR 30-inch is here!
  • Fits 30-inch round column form, up to 1" anchor bolts and 7" to 14" bolt circle
  • Xenoy™ 5220U polycarbonate material, 5 times stronger impact resistant than ABS in tests to -40°F (ASTM D256)
  • Proprietary under arm ribbing design for longer span, added strength and reusability
  • Strength tested to 1,000-lbs

  • Saves Labor, 57% more efficient construction process
  • Reusable, typically a dozen times or more; pays for itself on the first job
  • Reduced Risk of error and costly rework with no measuring, cutting or drilling
  • Sustainability through reduced construction waste

  • Commercial parking lots requiring 30" light pole concrete foundations
  • DOT roadway lighting and traffic signals requiring 4 bolts up to maximum 1" diameter and 14" bolt circle

*Compared to building wood templates, assuming crew of 3 with average $30/hour rate, wood template materials cost of $20 per base and $99 price for Bolt Star. Buy 10 Bolt Star 30" and reuse 5 times. Estimated additional savings of $2,890 on each subsequent job. Savings will vary depending on local labor rates and material costs.
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