Don’t take our word for it. Read what contractors are saying about BOLT STAR!

“Bought a package of BOLT STAR templates at last year’s NECA show. The real reason I go to shows with my Foreman is to see if there is a better way to do what we do, to find a tool that will make things better, faster, more productive, easier, and cut down on repair. Bolt Star fits the bill in all areas. My guys love them. Thanks for a great working product!.”

Nick, Owner, Nick Electric, Ingleside, IL

“I discovered the 18” and 24” BOLT STAR templates about three years ago, and have used them over and over again to set anchor bolts for tennis court light poles. The templates take the worry out of setting bolts in round concrete forms, cutting setup time in half and delivering perfect bolts every time. My crews love them – no more wood templates! They paid for themselves on the first tennis court job, and have been paying big dividends ever since.”

Mark, Owner, ProSport Tennis, Berwyn, PA

“Used the Bolt Star 24” on a car dealership in Katy, Texas. They did the trick. Loved the simplicity.”

Joe, Owner, Texas Diamondback Construction, Montgomery, TX

“Used Bolt Star for light poles on a sport court. Great tool! Easy set up and easy to adjust on the fly if necessary.”

Ron, Owner, Woodwards Concrete Construction, Carmichael, CA

“Used Bolt Star on an interchange in Delaware, NJ. Very stable product. I love the way it holds itself against the Sonotube and you’re able to finish the top of the base underneath the template. Wood templates are terrible in comparison to Bolt Star. For the crew, it made the process “idiot proof” and they loved it.”

Shawn, Paul K Rach Inc., Middle River, MD

“We highly recommend this tool. I purchased five 24” BOLT STAR tools and our crews have reused them on a couple dozen pole bases, and plan to continue to use them. We love them!”

Ernie, Materials Manager, Excel Services, Inc., Louisville, KY

“During our field test of the Bolt Star bolt template, we experienced total pole base construction process elapsed times of 20 to 25 minutes when it used to take us 45 minutes to an hour. Bolt Star is an essential tool that turns a painstaking task into a remarkably fast, efficient and easily repeatable process.”

Chris, RexMoore Electrical Contractors, Sacramento CA

“Bolt Star’s arched arms allow finishing the top of the pole base while anchor bolts are held in perfect alignment until after the concrete sets up. I no longer have to worry about “leaners” or bolts shifting if the template is removed too early. Bolt Star rocks!”

Derek, Anderson Electric, Mattoon, IL

“Bolt Star’s wide arm openings are perfect for pouring from a concrete chute. The other thing I like is the ability to get in there with a trowel right after the pour and start smoothing the entire top of the base. Remove Bolt Star after the concrete sets up, wash it down and you’re done.”

Joe, Elite Power, Sacramento, CA

“Bolt Star not only speeds up the process, it improves the quality of pole base construction in a reliable, repeatable manner.”

Steven, Foreman, Belco Electric, Elecnor Group, Chino, CA

“It gives me peace of mind to know that the bolts are centered and aligned properly while the concrete sets up.”

Ernie, Materials Manager, Excel Services, Inc., Louisville, KY

“Bolt Star just plain works. We purchased twelve of the 24-inch and have reused them over and over again on various jobs for 2 years now. Our initial concerns about plastic being durable enough for the rigors of construction evaporated long ago. Our crews love the product.”

Eric, Warehouse Manager, Anderson Electric, Mattoon, IL

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