Introducing BOLT STAR, an innovative anchor bolt template that saves labor and gets the job done faster compared to conventional methods of building pole bases.


Introducing the BOLT STAR tool for setting 4 anchor bolts in square forms, piers, spread footings, and industrial machinery and equipment pads.

NOVA Award

The NOVA Awards honor top innovations in construction from around the world. This video, created by the Construction Innovation Forum,, illustrates why the BOLT STAR innovation was chosen as a 2015 award winner for making significant contributions to safety, efficiency, quality and environmental stewardship.

Hard Pour Test

No handling with kid gloves going on here! Video of BOLT STAR holding large anchor bolts and rebar cage firmly in place during “hard” concrete pour of 24” structural pole base for a light pole. Actual construction site and project.

Durability Test, SUV Run Over

BOLT STAR 24” is placed on asphalt then run back over by an SUV weighing over 7,000 pounds.

Strength Tested to 1,000-lbs

This video shows 19 boxes being loaded on to a pallet hung from BOLT STAR, each box weighing approx. 50-lbs. for a total dead weight of over 1,000-lbs (including rebar cage, anchor bolts and pallet).

Stress Test #1, Strike Test

BOLT STAR fitted with four large 1″x36″ anchor bolts undergoes the ultimate stress test.

Stress Test #2, Down Force

BOLT STAR, fitted with four large 1″x36″ anchor bolts and installed on top a Sonotube form, is subjected to extreme down force.

Test of Hand-tightened Bolts

BOLT STAR is fitted with four large 1″x36″ bolts, hand tightened only and subjected to repeated attempts to shift or move the bolts in the tool’s slots.

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