The World’s Most Advanced Reusable Bolt Template

For contractors who are looking to reduce overall costs and who want a more reliable, efficient method of setting anchor bolts in round and square foundations, that tool is BOLT STAR!

BOLT STAR templates deliver the best value in terms of:
  • Lowest construction costs
  • Quickest set up
  • Highest quality
  • Reduced human errors
  • Enhanced safety
  • Least impact to the job site

CONTRACTORS: Wouldn’t It Be Easier If?
Think about how for every pole base you have to measure, saw and drill a wood template and supporting forms over and over again for every different light pole or column specification. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a tool that eliminates all that, and allows you to simply adjust to the template supplied by the light pole or column manufacturer?
Wouldn’t you like to reduce the time spent fabricating wood bolt templates and forms from hours to minutes?
What if you could reuse the tool over and over again? Wouldn’t the product pay for itself?
What about the end product? Wouldn’t the tool pay for itself by delivering perfect bolts every time and reducing the risk of human errors that result in costly rework?

BOLT STAR does ALL of these things easier, faster and more cost effectively — that’s the real value for Contractors.

The most advanced, complete solution for the age old problem of getting anchor bolts set right the first time, every time. Set BOLT STAR on the round concrete forming tube, install bolts, wire up the cage, and Bam! You’re done. No measuring, cutting and drilling of holes. No more wasted labor and materials in building a wood template for every base or foundation.

The winner of every major construction award for efficiency, quality, safety and sustainability,

Why? Because it is a truly innovative tool that enables Contractors to work smarter than ever! BOLT STAR not only improves performance in a sustainable way, it can be used over and over again and typically pays for itself on the first job. The tool is engineered to hold four anchor bolts, rebar cage and conduits securely in place during the pour of a concrete pole base. Available for 18″, 24″ and 30″ round forming tubes and for 24″ or larger square foundations.

BOLT STAR virtually eliminates all of the drawbacks of wood templates:

  • One template serves them all—adjustable for 5/8″ to 1″ dia. bolts and 7″ to 14″ bolt circles
  • Self-supporting, installs directly on rim of tube and centers bolts
  • Faster set up, 57% more efficient process, no labor wasted, reusable
  • Arched arms allow immediate access to trowel finish entire top
    of base without removing tool
  • Wide arm openings make it easier to flow concrete into the tube = faster pours
  • Reduced risk by creating a standardized process for consistent quality with no measuring, cutting or drilling
  • Multiple templates needed for every bolt size and bolt circle diameter
  • Requires 2×4 supporting material
  • Labor for wood templates never ends, wasted, template trashed
  • No room to finish – wood gets
    in way; must wait around to
    remove template to finish base
  • Small openings, slower pour, hard to find room for vibrator
  • Increased risk of human error and costly rework

The days of building wood templates are over!
No more measuring, cutting or drilling of holes
No more template support materials required
No more removal of template to finish base
No more bolts out of alignment and costly rework
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