Xtender™ Adaptor For Nested Forming Tubes*

Snaps on to the end of each BOLT STAR® arm and extends it to fit the larger outer diameter concrete forming tube. One set of four adaptors required per BOLT STAR template.

Use Xtender with Bolt Star on the “nominal” or larger outer diamter concrete forming tubes. In certain regions of the U.S., standard 18″, 24″ or 30″ tubes are “nested” within the larger diameter 19″, 25″ or 31″ tubes to save on shipping costs and storage space.

Xtender is interchangeable between BOLT STAR sizes:
— Fits 19-inch Outer tubes from 19.00 to 19.355 inches OD
— Fits 25-inch Outer tubes from 25.178 to 25.449 inches OD
— Fits 31-inch Outer tubes from 31.200 to 31.850 inches OD

Fits nominal tube manufactured by Sonoco and Caraustar

Reusable: Made in the USA of high strength ABS material

Part Numbers:
— Xtender (1 set of 4): 004-00405
— Xtender20 (5 sets of 4): 020-00406

Maximum 500-lbs load with BOLT STAR. See installation notes for more information.
*Xtender is not required nor recommended for the standard diameter 18″, 24″ or 30″ forming tubes.

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